BASTRO (Power Bank)


[Product Description] 1. xEV batteries can be used to manufacture reusable products such as Powerbank (large capacity auxiliary power supply) and applied to various business fields with 70 to 80% usable battery compared to initial capacity. 2. Reclaim, analyze, reconstruct the removed battery cells, charge/discharge process to produce a new Powerbank product using a battery with 80% or more of its performance restored. [Product Feature] 1. Battery: xEV lithium polymer battery reuse 2. Capacity/weight: 2,000Wh/13.5kg 3. Size(cm): 21(W)*48(L)*13(H) 4. Smart BMS, battery monitoring system (App) [Product Use] Outdoor leisure, camping, emergency medical treatment, etc.

  • Battery chargers
  • Powerbank
  • Mobile Charger
  • Electric Vehicle Battery

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Goodbyecar Corp.

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