BEEVisio is an easy-to-use program for the construction, presentation and production planning of pipe structures using the BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S. ACE on the basis of 3D models. Planning: - Quick and easy drag & drop access to 3D part geometries, making available to you the BeeWaTec intelligent kit system for all standard components. - Quick placing of compoments with magnets - Piece lists for sourcing and calculation can be generated at the touch of a button. Presentation: -Impressive and realistically rendered 3D representations offering improved discussion and information processes by means of meaningful, visual models. - Optical basis for team discussions; the construction can be adapted to requirements and wisches at any time during the discussion. 2D Export: Export of 2D views and building plans from the 3D model.

CAD/CAM Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing - software
  • planning software
  • CAD software
  • construction program

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