Telescoping Drive Shaft with parallel sided spline shaft & bushing as axial sliding feature. Joints with Needle Bearings for operation at higher rpm or continuous operation. Nearly zero backlash with minimal wear without the need for re-lubrication. Pin&Block design with Needle Bearing. Outside Diameters 16-95mm Operating Torques 20Nm-362Nm Failure Torques 52-6480Nm Operating Speed up to 4000rpm Operating Angle up to 45° per Joint in Z layout, up to 90° in W layout Material Yokes Alloy Steel Material Pins, Blocks & Bushings High Alloy Steel, hardened and ground Sliding profile parallel sided spline Near Zero Backlash, low friction & wear Hub ends available with many standard configurations (Plain bore, Keyway, Hex-/Square bore) Optionally available Platings: Zink, Nickel, Black Oxide

Universal joints
  • universal joints
  • cardan joints for transmissions
  • double universal joint coupling

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