BELDEN High Strength Precision Double Universal Joints

Cardan Joints, U Joint


High-quality Precision Double Universal Joints recommended for high-torque applications (e.g. drilling, tapping, packaging, test cells, etc.) Equipped with friction (plain) bearing design, featuring short & long-pin design with rivets. The peened pin rivet that holds the components into place makes it a stronger joint than the Heavy Duty Joint. Outside Diameters 12.7-101.6mm (0.50"-4,00") Operating Torques 9.6-2237Nm Breaking Torques 48.3-11186Nm Operating speed up to 1000rpm (depending on lubrication) Operating Angle up to 90° (45° per joint) Minimal play Regular re-lubrication required or joint can be fitted with grease packed boots. Material Yokes High Alloy Steel, hardened, precision ground Material Pins&Blocks High Alloy Steel, hardened and precision ground Hub ends available with several standard bore configurations (Plain bore, Keyway, Hex-/Square bore) Optionally available Platings: Zink, Nickel, Cadmium, MoS2, Black Oxide

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