High-precision Single Universal Joints with rigid axial stiffness that maintain minimal play and backlash over extended periods of time. They deliver superior lifetime at continuous applications and high RPMs. Needle bearing joints are built with roller bearings to reduce friction. Cross & Bearing Design. Outside Diameters 19-63mm (0.75"-2,50") Operating speed up to 6000rpm Operating Angle up to 45° Near Zero Backlash, low friction & wear Needle Bearings lubricated for lifetime of the joint Material Yokes Fatigue Proof Alloy Steel Material Cross High Alloy Steel, hardened and precision ground Hub ends available with several standard bore configurations (Plain bore, Keyway, Hex-/Square bore) Optionally available Platings: Zink, Nickel, Cadmium, MoS2, Black Oxide

Universal joints
  • universal joints
  • cardan joints for transmissions
  • Single universal joint couplings

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