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Our products are manufactured in TSE and CE standards. Our bunk bed is produced from CRST 12 quality 1 mm thick metal profiles. The product is electrostatic powder coated with epoxy and polyester resin so that it can be used without abrasion fading and rusting. Our bunk bed is completely disassembled thanks to the special allen screw system. With this special allen screw disassembly system, the durability of the bunk bed increases, does not shake, does not squeak, does not make noise, and does not experience negativities such as screw rubbing. There are 10 iron profile slats on each floor as bunk bed under bed platform. With its high carrying capacity, children, young people, adults, all age groups can use it. It can be used separately as a single bed. It offers practical solutions for places with limited living spaces (young children's rooms, dormitory). The height of the bed from the floor is 28 cm. In this way, it is easy to clean under the bed.

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38060 Kayseri - Turkey