Bentonite for foundry


Bentacarb bentonite powder is a unique integrated foundry compound with anti-stick, coal-bearing additives for the production of iron casting in green-sand molds. Advantages of Bentacarb: High bonding and anti-stick properties; Reduces operations for mix preparation comparing to the use of foundry sand components separately; Allows producing high-quality foundry molds; Reduces consumption of foundry sand components per 1 tons of finished casting; Allows producing casting with high dimensional accuracy; Reduces casting surface defects; Not flammable during transportation and storage. Benefits of using Bentacarb: High thermal stability, strength and anti-stick efficiency of Bentacarb products allow: Reduce consumption of foundry sand components; Reduce concentration of released hazardous substances into atmosphere from the foundries; Improve environmental conditions in working area.

Moulds, foundry
  • powders
  • green-sand castings
  • casting

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