Bentonite for agriculture


Feed bentonite is actively used by our customers for various applications: feeding, oil filtration and in cosmetics industry. Bentonite is a unique colloidal clay of volcanic origin, which has adsorption, binding, dispersion, water absorption properties. The composition of bentonites includes many vital and essential elements to the animal body. Feed bentonite is used as: natural mineral additive in compound feeds, diets of farm animals; a prophylactic for gastrointestinal diseases, intoxication of exogenous and endogenous origin; a purifier of water and industrial waste of animals, poultry and fish farming. Effect of the use: Reduces feed consumption per unit of output Increases milk production Increases daily average growth Improves organoleptic characteristics of finished products Binds the feed pellet

Feeds for animal farming
  • natural mineral additive
  • diets of farm animals
  • poultry and fish farming

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