Bentonite for drilling fluids


This grade has been developed under the world quality standard ISO 13500. OCMA grade bentonite is used for the preparation of drilling fluids which meet the requirements of international standards. OCMA bentonite specific surface is so large that quantity of micro-flakes in 1 kg of the product is enough to cover about 70 football fields. Manufacturers - Kurgan Bentonite Limited and Bentonite Khakasia Ltd. are certified to produce bentonite powder according to Quality Management System of the American Petroleum Institute (API) under specification 13 А. DRILLING FLUIDS BASED ON OUR BENTONITES Have low sand content thus reducing wear on drilling equipment; Possesses optimal viscoplastic and filtration characteristics; Provides effective borehole cleanout.

Drilling machinery
  • powders
  • drilling fluids
  • viscoplastic

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