Bentonite for HDD


Bentonite powders HDD (ГНБ) - 1, HDD (ГНБ) - 2 are intended for the drilling fluids preparation during the construction of crossings and the laying of services using HDD method. They are produced from high-quality bentonite of Ziryanskoye deposit (Kurgan region, Russia). HDD- 1 grade is modified by soda ash and polymer; HDD (ГНБ) - 2 grade is modified only by soda ash. Manufactured by: Kurgan Bentonite Limited. PROPERTIES OF HDD - 1, HDD - 2: Have low sand content (less than 1%); Environmentally friendly: do not contain any synthetic polymers and salts of multivalent cations; Represent a low-cost drilling fluid base for HDD, compatible with any of reagents and polymers traditionally used in HDD. BENEFITS OF USING OUR BENTONITES FOR HDD: Improves drilling efficiency; The risk of accidents is minimized; Increases the equipment service life; Hazard category of drilling cuttings is lowered.

Drilling machinery
  • powders
  • drilling fluids
  • HDD method

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