Bentonite for civil engineering


Kurgan Bentonite Limited manufactures the following grades of bentonite powders PBM-18, PBM-20, PBM-22 which are used for the EPB tunneling, the construction of "slurry wall", groundwater cutoff, "thixotropic jacket" and other construction works. SPECIAL PROPERTIES OF PBM-GRADE BENTONITE POWDERS: Developed in accordance with recommendations of the Branch of the JSC TSNIIS R&D “Tunnels and metro” under Russian quality standards in accordance with Technical Specification 5751-001-41219638-2010; Are a low-budget basis for flushing fluids used in construction; Environmentally friendly. FLUSHING LIQUIDS FOR CONSTRUCTION WHERE OUR BENTONITE IS USED: Have low sand content thus reducing wear on drilling equipment. Possesses optimal viscoplastic and filtration characteristics. Provides effective borehole cleanout; Have excellent penetrating and sealing properties

Cement and additives
  • powders
  • flushing fluids
  • viscoplastic

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