BENZ Solidfix®: Modular Quick Change System

User friendly, stable and very precise Modular Qucik Change System


User friendly, stable and very precise. By combining taper concentricity with no backlash with an extremely large planar surface, combined with high torque, BENZ Solidfix® offers a maximum in stability and rigidity, which is even capable of withstanding the demands of milling. The high torque transmission and the highest possible rpms also stress the effectiveness. This is supported by a special clamping mechanism which works centrally, without lateral forces, which in combination with the compact, highly precise components used achieves optimal values for concentricity, rigidity and accuracy in repeatability. Because of its compact design the system is ideal for tools with internal cooling.

Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • CNC unit
  • Tool change
  • tool holder

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