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Bershka is a brand of the Spanish Inditex Group, which was established in 1998. After 18 years, the chain has more than 1,000 stores in more than 70 markets, with sales representing 9% of the group's total revenue. Bershka offers clothing for young people who are adventurous and know the latest trends and focus on music, social media, and the latest technologies. INFORMATION ON THE PRODUCT: We sell the goods in packages and pallets the package contains: Bershka women's collection the clothing is new, 1st grade, comes with all the original tags variety of the models: dresses, tops, t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, etc. collection: spring-summer The 100 pieces of lots' net price: €3.65 / piece The 500 pieces of lots' net price: €3.40 / piece For more pictures and videos please click here:

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100 pieces of lots' net price: 3,65 EUR /PC
500 pieces of lots' net price: 3,40 EUR /PC

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