BIMV series – Fine fog flat spray nozzle

Pneumatic Spray Nozzles – All Spray Pattern


Features Flat spray pneumatic nozzle producing fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 100 μm or less (*3). Features large turn-down ratio under liquid pressures of 0.1–0.3 MPa (ca. 1 bar – 3 bar). Produces two different spray distributions: uniform spray distribution throughout spray pattern area (when spraying at a low air-water ratio), or a mountain-shaped distribution having gradually tapered edges (at a high air-water ratio). Spray angle of 110 °, 80 °, or 45 °. *1) Spray angle measured at compressed air pressure of 0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar) and liquid pressure of 0.1 MPa (1 bar). *2) Free passage diameter of nozzle orifice. *3) Measured by Laser Doppler Method. Applications Spraying, Cooling, Moisture control, Cleaning, Dust suppression, etc.

Nozzles - ferrous metal
  • industrial spraying
  • dust suppression systems
  • nozzles

Product features

Thread standard -
Pipe conn. size -
Standard pressure -
Spray angle 45°, 80°, or 110° (*1)
Spray capacity 1.0–107 ℓ/hr
Supply air type Compressed air
Liquid feeding system Liquid pressure
Mean droplet diameter 20–100 μm
Air Consumption 7–245 ℓ/min, Normal
Air pressure 0.2–0.4 MPa (ca. 2 bar - 4 bar)
Free passage diameter 0.2–1.6 mm (*2)

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Fine Fog Nozzles / Flat Spray [IKEUCHI]

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