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BioEra company produces and sells bio-products for crop farming, including vermicompost- bio-fertilizers, fungi- and bacteria-based plant protection products, pure amino acids, as well as bacterial fertilizers and soil conditioners. The company has been supplying its products to the Russian market since 2016 and has expanded its sales territory to neighboring countries (Serbia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) since 2022. The company is also actively negotiating to start shipments to African countries. The company manufactures and supplies: Seed treatments; -Foliar feeding; - Preparations to enhance and maintain soil fertility (including land rehabilitation); - Earthworms for waste processing and biohumus production; - Equipment for vermicomposting and biohumus production; - Solid biohumus; Bacterial formulations (biofungicide, formulations for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fixation). BioEra provides a range of services to promote agricultural development by supplying high-quality formulations. The company's specialists develop application schedules, monitor the results, and control all the application processes of the supplied formulations.

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5-component system of stimulation and protection during seed processing: Nitrogen feed Biological protection against diseases Stimulation phosphorus-Potassium nutrition growth Factors of beneficial microorganisms


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Reduction of stress from the use of chemical protectants (especially with triazole group – tebuconazole, triticonazole and other substances) Accelerated growth and development of plants in the initial stages of ontogenesis Increase in the energy of germination and field survival of seeds (especially when using low-grade seed material) Tillering stimulation, synchronization of shoot formation Growth in the number of productive stems Formation of well-developed primary and secondary root system (increase in root mass up to 50%) Tillering node in cereal crops is laid up to one centimeter deeper compared to untreated crops; Increased resistance to stress (to low temperatures in winter crops due to increased accumulation of sugars in the tillering node). Seed material is treated with 10% solution in a tank mixture with chemical protectants, for example cereal crops – 1 liter per 1 ton of seeds.


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Retail price, with increasing volumes, the cost changes Designed for leaf treatment and drip watering. Volume: 10 liters Consumption per 1 ha: 1.5-2 l State registration No. 480-18-1886-1 dated April 26, 2018 Composition: Humic acids – 30 g/l, fulvic acids – 4-6 g/l, organic matter content – at least 35 g/l, total C content – 16%, сomplex of microelements: Mn–5.56 μg/g, B–2.11 μg/g, Co – 0.17 μg/g, Cu – 0.88 μg/g, Fe – 132 μg/g, Zn – 2.95 μg/g, Mg – 124 μg/g.. Properties: Antidepressant – treatment of plants in stressful situations (frost, drought, herbicidal stress, damage to plants by pests, etc.) reduces the risk of crop loss. The plant quickly emerges from stress and continues to grow; Does not clog nozzles (filtered with 80 micron filter); Increased plant immunity and resistance to diseases; Yield capacity increase by 5-35%; High economic effect of the application; After the leaf surface is treated with the product, physiological and biochemical processes are intensified


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Organic fertilizer based on worm compost Volume: 500 ml. Hazard Class: IV (low hazard substance) 100% accessibility by the plant. CROP: lawn grass; Replenishes nutrition; stimulates the development of a powerful root system; stimulates the process of photosynthesis – bright saturated color grass; increases resistance to diseases; smooth lawn without empty spots. Suitable for all types of plants. Ensures the development of the root system; increases the immunity of plants; promotes the germination of seeds, tubers, bulbs; helps to increase the qualitative and quantitative indicators of yield capacity. Homogeneous, homogeneous suspension, from dark brown to black; the presence of inclusions (stones and other foreign objects) is not allowed; not volatile; flocculates when interacting with acids, water-soluble. Amino acids: eliminate nutrient deficiency accelerate the transport of nutrients to plant cells


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