Id-Gate is a software product for enriching the biometric capabilities of access control systems. In the Id-Gate solution, the verification of access rights is carried out using facial biometric identification or in conjunction with traditional physical identifiers. When passing through the turnstile, specially installed cameras/scanners “capture” the biometric data of the incoming person. Then the system checks the compliance of the received patterns with the data in the profiles database. According to the results, the system either allows access to the site or denies it. ID-GATE HAS THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: - Control, maintenance and management of access to a site. - Protection from unauthorized use of other people's passes. - Creation and maintenance of various lists (VIP, Black List, Visitors, etc.). - Sending prompt notifications when an unauthorized access is attempted. - Strict accounting and time lapse of all the guests. - Remote registration of staff in the system.

Biometric control - services
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  • Biometrics Recognition Identification

Product features

30 people passing through the turnstile using biometric identification 30 sec.

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