BK7 Windows for Wind LiDAR Systems - Supplier of LiDAR optics for within Wind Monitoring

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Knight Optical offer a range of Stock BK7 Windows, for use within Wind Monitoring LiDAR Systems. These LiDAR systems are used in monitoring wind speeds and wind direction. The data accumulated can be used to generate a Digital Terrain Model or a Digital Elevation Model which are 3D representations of terrain. BK7 is one of the most widely used optical glasses available for use in the range from visible up to the near infrared. Making it ideal as a protective optical window for Wind LiDAR systems which operate at 1500-1560nm. The BK7 can offer an uncoated average transmission of 92% between 300nm and 2000nm. SEE PDF for Full Details

Product information

N-BK7 or equivalent
Diameter Tolerance:
+0.0/-0.15 mm
Length/Width Tolerance:
+/- 0.10mm
Thickness Tolerance:
Tavg=92% dependent on substrate thickness