The soft “blank end” can be turned, milled, drilled, tapped etc to suit whatever application you can think of, e.g. one size drill holder, centre drill holder, tap holder, etc. • These Shanks can be modified to suit individual requirements for mounting cutters etc. • Precision ground accurate shank available in two styles with tangs and draw bar threaded. • Manufactured from mild steel for easy machining. Tang Arbour Item Code No.Draw bar Threaded Arbor Item Code No.Shank TaperDia.Draw Bar Threads ABM-IMT-3700ABM-IMT-3707MT11”1/4 BSW ABM-IMT-3701ABM-IMT-3708MT21”3/8 x 16 ABM-IMT-3702ABM-IMT-3709MT31”3/8 x 16 ABM-IMT-3703ABM-IMT-3710MT125 MMM6 ABM-IMT-3704ABM-IMT-3711MT225 MMM10 ABM-IMT-3705ABM-IMT-3712MT325 MMM10 ABM-IMT-3706ABM-IMT-3713R81-1/4”7/16 UNF

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