BLUM 22K2500 Aventos HK top medium-strong


A new generation of tilting mechanism. The installation of this type of jack, mounted to the ground and the front edge of the body, is absolutely accurate. It is not necessary to pre-drill the holes at all. Adjusting the lift force newly from the front, you can adjust with all comfort, even with the cap fitted. This stops the flap in each desired position. The opening angle limiter is already integrated in the AVENTOS HK top. The height of the forehead can be infinitely adjusted to a set of symmetrical hoists with chipboard screws, including precise positioning. Can be used in the LF range (body height in mm x front weight, incl. Twice the weight of the handle in kg) - 930 - 2800 Must be supplemented with covers and front fittings.

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How to assemble the Blum Aventos HK TOP

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