Magnetic Level Indicator with integrated Radar Level Meter The measurement solution with built-in redundancy BM 26 W is based on proven bypass measurement technology. BM 26 W integrates the OPTIWAVE 7300 C FMCW Radar Level Meter for distance, level and volume measurement of liquids. It can measure level in a variety of difficult conditions: foam, agitated product surface and obstructed tank environments. It also indicates level using a permanent, IP 68 local indication without power supply. For pressures from 40 to 120 bar / 580 to 1740 psig and termperatures from 200 to 300°C / 390 ... 570°F, we recommend our BM 26A bypass level indicator. For pressures more than 120 bar / 1740 psig and temperatures higher than 300°C / 570°F, we recommend our BW 25 displacer-type level indicator.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Fluid: oil
Technology: magnetic
Display: direct-reading
Density: 0.5…3 kg/l / 31…187 lb/ft3
Temperature: -50...+200°C / -58...+392°F
Pressure: -1...100 barg / -14.5...1450 psig

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