BM 500

Potentiometer level sensor/for liquids/for hygienic applications/max. 140 °C


Potentiometric liquid-level measuring device The BM 500 level gauge operates on the potentiometric measuring principle and is designed for use in all electrically conductive products with a minimum conductivity of 1 µS/cm (e.g. distilled water). This method is particularly suitable for measuring levels in small vessels containing viscous, pasty or heavily caking products. The electronic evaluation unit is integrated in the connecting head and supplies a level-proportional output signal of 4 … 20 mA. The HWM 500 hygienic process welding sleeve ensures installation in conformity with standards of hygiene. Due to its high temperature resistance (140°C / 285°F), the BM 500 is eminently suitable for CIP cleaning and sterilizing processes.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Technology: potentiometer
Medium: for liquids
Applications: for hygienic applications
Temperature: -20…+140°C / -4…+284°F
Pressure: ≤ 16 bar / 232 psi

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