Suitable for granule type of products. The weighing unit iscontrolled by a seperate microprocessor and touch screen.Supports many usefull functions such as multi dumping,automatic product conveyor control, self cleaning,reciperecord for different products, different language and etc. Different amount of weighing buckets in different dimensions should be provided with respect to type of product. Parts touching to products are easy to dismount and cleaning. All surfaces touching to products are AISI 304 stainless steel. Easy dismountable collar set design. Package length should be controlled by print mark or feeding duration. Printer state is checked continiously. Wrapping material is driven by AC motors. Pneumatic driven horizontal sealing and cutting. Impulse or heat sealing units for different type of wrapping materials. Suitable for CE standarts. 7 inch touch screen wtih several languages.

Food industry packaging machinery
  • food packaging machine
  • pasta packaging machine
  • spices packaging machine

Product features

Width 2100 mm
lenght 2145 mm
height 3720 mm
weight 500 kg
package height max 400 mm
Package Width max 200 mm
Film Bobbin Diameter max: 320 mm
Film Bobbin Width max 480 mm
Power Consumption 5.5 Kw
Working Voltage 380V 3 Faz / Phase 50 Hz
Air Consumption 150 lt/ Minute
Air Pressure (min.) 6 Bar

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