Off-site quest in board game format


The portable adventure game is a chest with 9 sections, closed with combination locks. The first task for the quest has free access. Next, players must sequentially open cells with combination locks, solving the questline puzzles. How does this business work? You rent out a quest chest. There is an already assembled and completely finished game inside. Players do not need a leader or play-assistant to complete the quest. Players consistently go through all the stages of the quest themselves. If during the game there are difficulties in solving puzzles, then you can use a brochure with a description and answers to each of them. The quest will be interesting for players of all ages, especially for children. Due to the small dimensions of the chest, it can be delivered by passenger car with even the smallest size.

Amusements and attractions
  • educational games
  • children's games
  • games rental

Product features

Dimensions Length 47 cm; width 33 cm; height19 cm
Weight 7700 g

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