Multi-layer laminated foils Multi-layer laminated foils Fatra Folam® are designed mainly for the production of so-called flexible packages. These areal materials are mostly of foil type and their basic layer is formed by BO PET film. Product advantages They are manufactured by connecting two or more areal materials (BOPET, PE, PP film, paper, etc.). Films, which are treated by aluminium metallization, through dyeing, or deposition of water dispersion of polymers in the context of improved surface adhesion of final materials, can be used in the production. Laminates may have different and special surface finishing thanks to the combination of several materials (anti-fog treatment, peel effect, inside/outside print). Individual types of laminates are used for further processing in the packaging technology, and for decorating purposes. The offer includes also special types of laminates used for technical purposes. It is beneficial to use the combination of good barrier...

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