BORSIG Reformed gas waste heat boiler

BORSIG offers two different designs


BORSIG manufactures reformed gas waste heat boilers for more than 50 years. We supply reformed gas waste heat boilers for gas inlet temperatures of up to 1,200°C and steam pressures of up to 160 bar (16,000 kPa) for petrochemical industry (ammonia plants, methanol plants, hydrogen plants, ethylene plants, styrene plants, MTBE plants, oxo-alcohol plants, direct reduction iron plants, coas gasification plants, gas to liquid plants, and others. Every reformed gas waste heat boiler is designed and manufactured exactly in accordance with the customer´s individual requirements. BORSIG offers two different designs: 1. Reformed gas waste heat boilers with BORSIG´s thin stiffened tube sheet design 2. Reformed gas waste heat boilers with thin flexible tube sheet design.

Petrochemical industry - installations and equipment
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