4000 L Manual Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
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Manual ultrasonic cleaning equipment with a capacity of 4000 L. Exclusive BRIO technology three times more efficient than conventional systems. MANUAL Series Manual ultrasonic cleaning machines that optimise time and consumption. Composed of a simple and efficient control panel, with general switch, safety button, digital thermostat with temperature control and buttons to activate heating and ultrasound. They also have a manual work basket made up of a stainless steel tray that protects the bottom of the tank and in which the objects to be cleaned are placed inside the main tank. Robust construction with high thickness and AISI 304/316 stainless steel. Available from 60L to 7500L to cover all the needs of each sector.

  • Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies
  • Industrial cleaning machines
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • Parts cleaning machines

Product characteristics

Exterior dimensions of the machine
2.970x 1.945x 1.733 mm
Interior dimensions of the vat
2.120x 1.445x 1.523 mm
Useful measurements of the work baskey
2.070x 1.290x 1.215
Height of the worktop
1,733 mm
Capacity of the tank
4.665 L
Ultrasonic power
16.000 W
Ultrasonic work frequency
28/40 kHz
Heating element
36 kW


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46988 Paterna-Valencia - Spain