CH-MIX range of products are brand makers to add to a standard base beer with low bitterness (10-12 EBU) as unique requisite to obtain a range of different chocolate beers with different notes like milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, cacao powder, vanilla, etc… CH-MIX range of products are a mixture of spices selective CO2 extracts, natural cacao flavours and extracts as well as malt extracts giving rise to a « pallet » of different chocolate flavours. These products also impart the palate fullness necessary for these kind of beers. All the components of the mixture are food grade 100% natural and they have not been in contact with any solvent apart from CO2 which has the GRAS status (generally recognized as safe for food production by the FDA) and which evaporates completely after the extraction. BENEFITS High production flexibility as the brand characterisation comes in the latest step of the process. Nothing has to be changed in the usual production. The only...

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