WB-MIX-D-NA is a brand maker to add to a standard base beer with low bitterness (10-12 EBU) as unique requisite to obtain a white beer with a taste and flavour close to the main commercial German wheat beers “weissbier” or “weizenbier”. WB-MIX-D-NA is a mixture of spices selective CO2 extracts and vegetal essential oils obtained by cold pressing and emulsified in water. This well balanced mixture has been designed to impart to beer the typical German type wheat beer flavour. This one is traditionnally obtained as a result of the use of wheat malt and barley malt and to some typical metabolites produced by « weissbier » special yeasts. Similar compounds to these typical metabolites are also found in some of the specific spices contained in WB-MIX-D-NA. All the components of the mixture are food grade 100% natural and they have not been in contact with any solvent apart from CO2 which has the GRAS status (generally recognized as safe for food production by the FDA) and which...


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