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DESATASE is an amylolytic preparation (EC, pullulan 6-glucano-hydrolase) which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the alpha-1,6 linkages of amylopectine allowing to reach higher maltose yields in combination with maltogenic amylases. PURPOSES To increase the malt diastasic power by enhancing the malt native ß-amylase action. To increase the fermentability of wort (apparent attenuation limit). Some 25% of the total carbohydrate of wort is unfermentable. The addition of Desatase in combination with maltogenic amylases like Maltosylase to the fermenter converts the unfermentable dextrins to maltose which in turn is fermented to alcohol giving an apparent attenuation higher than 100% without loss of palate fullness or head retention. At the same alcohol concentration as a normal attenuated beer the super-attenuated beer will have required 25% less of raw material. See Attenuation Modulation. TEMPERATURE Optimum 55-60°C. The enzymatic components are deactivated in beer (pH 4,2)...