MAXIFERM is an amylolytic preparation which catalyzes on one hand the hydrolysis of the alpha-1,6 linkages of amylopectine and on the other hand the hydrolysis of the alpha-1,4 linkages of both amylose and amylopectine by releasing maltose units. PURPOSES To increase the fermentability of wort (apparent attenuation limit) by hydrolysing the alpha-limit-dextrines into maltose units by the combined action of a limit dextrinase and a maltogenic amylase (see TABLE 1). TEMPERATURE Optimum 55-60°C. Both enzymatic components are deactivated in beer during fermentation and pasteurization process (see TABLE 2). pH EFFECT Optimum pH between 5,0 and 6,0. RATES 1 to 5 liters of MAXIFERM for 1 ton of raw material. APPLICATION MAXIFERM may be added in the beginning of the mash. MAXIFERM may also be added in the fermenter. ACTIVITY 2000 PU/g and 2000 MU/g. AVAILABILITY Liquid form in polypropylene drums of 30 kg. SAFETY MAXIFERM is produced according to FAO/WHO JECFA and FCC recommendations for...

Product features

Alcool per cent Original gravity °Plato Malt involved in kg/Hl Alcool per cent Original gravity °Plato Malt involved in kg/Hl
Enzyme Type Amyloglucosidase Maxiferm Enzyme Type Amyloglucosidase Maxiferm


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