ISOTOTAL is a CO2 extract of Magnum hop (Hallertau) recent crop which has been isomerized in « classical » conditions without any catalyst. These isomerisation conditions are as close as possible to those used during a normal brewing process. After isomerisation, the insoluble fraction is carefully discarded. All the hop isomerized bitter fractions and several aromatic compounds are present in this product allowing to get a bitterness which is identical to the one obtained by classical hopping. This product can be used after fermentation just before final filtration. ISOTOTAL is an ideal way to adjust beer bitterness to the desired value at the end of the process without modifying the quality of this bitterness. The benefits of the use of ISOTOTAL are high flexibility in beer bitterness adjusting, very high yields close to 100%, better beer foam and cling, improving of the perception of hop flavours. AVAILABILITY ISOTOTAL is standardized to 100 000 EBU; the addition of 1 ml of...


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