EZM Driveline – This is the brand name under which EZM can supply you with drawn bright steel, ground bright steel, peeled bright steel and ground-and-polished bright steel in virtually all cold-formable alloyed and carbon steel grades. Our bright steel is characterised by great dimensional accuracy and high-quality, bright surfaces. Compared to rolled and forged products, cold-drawn bright steel offers the advantage of a greater range of processing options. Of very special importance in this context is a lead-alloyed carbon steel for diesel injection pumps. The unique properties of this EZM speciality offer the perfect answer to such contradictory demands as maximum pressure resistance, on the one hand, and optimum machining properties, on the other. EZM is also a specialist for the processing of antifriction bearing steel/ball bearing steel, as well as alloyed high-grade structural steel. Nozzle body Nozzle body Injector body Injection nozzle DVTD_2V_Section >> Current...


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