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BROADCAST - Trade fairs, Conventions, Television, Concerts, Fashion and Sportive Events


• Coolux Server Quad View Pandoras Box; • Dataton Whatchout Multi screen software; • Dataton Whatchmax Mediaserver 4 uscite; • Analog Way Consolle Vertige; • Analog Way Mixer Grafico Di Ventix; • Analog Way Switcher NeXtage 16; • Barco Folsom Encore 2ME; • Panasonic Regie from bicamera to eptacamera; • Panasonic Telecamera AG-HPX 171; • Panasonic Telecamera AG-HPX 301; • Panasonic Telecamera AG-HPX 501; • Panasonic Telecamera AG-DVX200 4K; • LiveU LU500 Outside Broadcast Equipment for Professional Newsgathering; • Barco Screen pro II HD