Designed according to the official technical specifications of the Greek Police. The standard external dimensions of booths are 1,50m x 1,50m with internal height 2.20m and can be customized according to needs. The bulletproof glazing are certified according to the NIJ 0108.01 standard, level IV. The guard posts have all the necessary fittings to ensure a comfortable and safe shift for the guard. Special facilities and equipment can be provided upon request (CCTV, inter phone communication, headlights, air conditioning, storage locker, reclining seats etc.). The bulletproof guard posts EL.AS. can perfectly cover guarding needs for police departments, public buildings, embassies, organizations etc.

Buildings, modular
  • Guard posts
  • Bulletproof Sentry Box
  • Bulletproof contructions

Product features

Ballistic sentry box Ballistic guard post
Ballistic booth Bulletproof posts

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