BVE stainless steel Sealed cover - Sealed cover

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Load capacity: 125 kN test load EN 124. Material: Grade 304 stainless steel. Passivated after welding. Also available in grade 316 stainless steel on request (no stock item). Features: Accurately manufactured fully sealed access covers. Tapered design allows easy opening. Virtually invisible when installed. EPDM seal. The Lift-Off opening system: Every HAGODECK Type BVE stainless steel cover comes with a set of lifting keys and precise installation instructions. The HAGO advantage: jammed covers are released by simply turning the Golden Key. Applications: Inside buildings or their surroundings, where exceptionally high standards are needed or where the hygienic properties of stainless steel are preferred, e.g. in the food industry, in meat-processing areas, dairies, hospitals, swimming pools. For indoor swimming pools only use grade 316 material! Installation: Installation must be carried out according to our instructions. With water-tight models, care must be taken to seal...