Intelligent face-identification, temperature-measuring device is a high performance, high reliable product integrating face-identification and non-contact temperature-measuring technology. This device could effectively alarm on the personnel with abnormal body temperature, ensuring safety, preventing epidemic spread with rapid body temperature measuring through body temperature measuring module and supporting face comparison at the same time. With the features of rapid body-temperature measuring, high face identification rate, big storage capacity, it could be widely applied in various scences like: intelligent community, school, office building, hospital, industry park etc. Applying contact-free body temperature measuring module, measuring range between 30℃-45℃, measuring accuracy could reach to 0.1℃, measuring deviation <±0.4℃, temperature measuring distance is 1m; Supporting contact-free checking on body temperature, alarming for personnel with abnormal body temperature.

Temperature sensing devices
  • Body temperature measuring camera
  • Fever detection device
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