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BVS-250 steel Heavy duty, sealed cover - Heavy duty, sealed cover


Load capacity: 250 kN test load EN 124 when completely filled with concrete C 35/45 (EN 206). Material: Frame and cover made of steel plate, hot-dip galvanised. Features: Heavy duty sealed cover. Underside of cover reinforced with steel I-beam section. Robust steel mesh reinforcement. EPDM seal. Tapered design allows easy opening. The Lift-Off opening system: Every HAGODECK Type BVS-250 steel cover comes with a set of lifting keys and precise installation instructions. The HAGO advantage: jammed covers are released by simply turning the Golden Key. Applications: For vehicle traffic areas in industrial buildings and their surrounding areas, where the cover needs to be heavy duty. Installation: Installation must be carried out according to our instructions. With watertight models, care must be taken to seal the outer frame into the surrounding flooring. Cover depth ≈ 5.0 cm Installation height ≈ 7.5 cm Steel girders penetrate ≈ 10 cm into the shaft Special sizes possible *S =...