BW 25 Liquid level indicator Level measurement of liquids, even at high pressures using the displacement principle Application range The level indicator can be used for various liquids. This device is suitable for extreme operating conditions. -Temperatures '60 - +400°C ('76 - +752°F) -Pressure Up to 400 bar (5800 psig)  If the display cannot be installed from above, e.g. there is an agitator in the vessel, it is possible to install it lateral in a special reference chamber. In both cases it is important to note that the non-measurable depth is 340 mm because of the spring mounting. With special versions it is possible to measure the interface between two immiscible liquids of different densities. The displacer must be covered completely with liquid. The difference in density should be min. 100 g/l.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Fluid: liquid
Technology: float
Display: dial
Temperature: -60°C up to +400°C
Pressure: Up to 400 bar (5800 psig)

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