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BaCo2500 Variospeed - automatic sealing system - BaCo2500 Variospeed - fully automatic filling and sealing system


The BaCo 2500 Variospeed is a fully automated filling, foil application and sealing machine, suitable for creamy to liquid filling media for plastic, tin or glass containers. Available performance versions: 2.500 units/h, 3.000 units/h or 3.500 units/h. • all gearboxes are maintenance-free: Lenze main drive, Atek gearbox, Miksch stepping gear • various cams on drive shafts of the gearbox: filling cam, control cam for valves, pre-sealing cam, lever arm for driving the metering pump and dispenser • drive shafts with prockets for chain drives • central lubricating system • 8-up turntable with mechanical overload clutch • backlog detector and monitor for incoming and outgoing containers • filling unit with turntable metering unit • 40 liters filling funnel • dispenser with pre-sealing • thermal sealing unit (conductive) • integrated conveyor belt • central, stepless height adjustment of conveyors and guides by a handwheel • integrated SPS control system Siemens S7

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