This is a great product with high potentials for your local infant food market. DANALAC Baby Cereals are prepared with hydrolyzed cereals to help good digestion for infants. Our cereals are designed by Danalac in correct proportions, helping to cover baby´s nutritional demands and supporting growth and development. Danalac Baby Cereals are made with carefully selected ingredients to assure the quality of baby´s food. We source all of our raw materials from within EU, therefore we have no limit on our production capacity. We have developed more than 10 types of Baby cereals as listed below, and more are to come soon: Plain Five Cereal Plain cereal with Rice Plain cereal with Honey Plain cereal with Five Fruits Plain cereal with Banana Milky cereal with Rice Milky cereal with Honey Milky cereal with Five Fruits Milky cereal with Wheat Milky with Five Cereal

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Product features

Packing Bag in Box (250g)
Boxes per Carton: 6 Pieces
Cartons Per Pallet: 144 cartons
Pallets per 40ft container: 25 pallets (800x1200mm)
Cartons per 40ft container: 3600 cartons
Boxes per 40ft container: 21600 boxes
Shelf life: 24 months

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Baby Cereals DANALAC

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