Baby Safety Door Seam Protection Strip Anti-pinch Hand

China Plastic Extrusion Profiles Factory Supply Door Seam Protection Strips


China Plastic Extrusion profiles Factory produce Door Seam Protection Strips, we are orignal manufacturer, can provide lowest prices. Material: New PVC, Sturdy & Durable Function: Baby Safety Door Seam Protection Strip Anti-pinch Hand. Structure: Folding design does not affect the opening and closing The characteristics: Sticky, easy to clean foam rubber Length:45cm, also can custom length according to customer's requirement. Children often put their hands into the crack of the door, but they are not aware of the danger. The door seal can effectively prevent the baby from hurting his fingers by the crack of the door. We are Plastic extrusion profiles manufacturer from China Ningbo, we custom produce all kinds of plastic extruded strips, such as door & window sealing strips, seam protection strips. Collision avoidance Strips.... If you need any plastic extruded strips, pls feel free contact with us.

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