Badgeoning is an age-old technique for an authentic façade finish, where mineral paint is applied sufficiently thickly with a blocked brush. The Stoopen & Meeûs Primium Quality Badgeon is weather-resistant and shows the structure of the brickwork and when the weather is wet, it shows the surface forming which it is famous for. The brushing technique helps determine the look and the absorbency of the substrate determines the colour nuance in the badgeon coat. The thickness of the application, 1-3 mm, is determined by the amount of mixing water that is used, the brush and the number of coats. It is recommended you apply two coats at a time, where the first coat is applied diluted to counterbalance the strong absorption of the substrate (the diluted coat is always a little lighter in colour). If both coats are coloured, no white undercoat will be revealed in case of damage. The Primium Quality Badgeon+ is a compound of mineral raw materials (maximum grain size 0.

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