Bag Shapes

with Flap or without


Bag Shapes – Width, Height, Depth, with Flap or without – You Decide! When you choose woven bags, you're completely free to determine their size, shape, and style. Whether it's a simple box form with two short or two long handles or with both two short and two long, or a simple woven messenger bag with a wide strap or with a flap or belt – it's your choice. For messenger bags with a belt, which may also be called shoulder bags, courier bags, or college bags, the belt may be either adjustable or non-adjustable, and you can include a shoulder pad or leave it out. We will advise you in your choices and help you realize your plan. We manufacture custom woven bags for you in every conceivable format. The majority of our customers come back again and again. They choose us because they trust our advice. As bag manufacturers, we never forget that our prices need to be wholesale rates. If you decide for a woven carrying bag model with a base and side panels, it's possible to reinforce...

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