A high number of companies and brands rely on our bags for textiles. First class raw materials and a proper finish of our bags give a superb presentation of your products. Your high-valued goods are perfectly protected. They are available out of high transparent and high glossy OPP (optionally available with reduced slippery effect), optionally special “Shirt OPP” with highest possible seam strength available transparent and glossy CPP = PPCast LDPE, MDPE + HDPE For lying and standing presentation, our flat bags as well as bottomfold bags are ideal solutions and a protection against dirt, dust and weather influences. For hanging presentation, our hook bags are ideal. The hooks are connected with the bag by stable seams. They are available with filling from above and below. The hooks are available in different executions. For hanging presentation you may also use our stand bags / header bags. For the protection of big hanging clothes, we deliver tubular dress protection covers,...


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