Bakelites for electrical insulation

Bakelized paper and bakelized canvas


Available in sheets of the following formats: - 2200x1220mm or 2440x1220 from 0.5 to 3mm thick - 3050x1300 from 4 to 20 mm thick - 2050x1050 or 2200x1220 from 30mm to 50mm thick All types: Bakelized paper laminate - available in different colors, Class E (120 ° C), mainly used in the electromechanical sector. Wrapped tubes are also available to order HV bakelized paper High voltage - it is a laminate suitable to meet the technical requirements of F.S., Navy, Air Force and electrical transformer specifications thanks to its inalterability in hot oil High Frequency AF bakelized paper - it can be sheared based on alpha cellulose paper and phenolic resin; it has high dielectric characteristics even in a humid environment and is particularly suitable for the audio visual and telephony sector

  • Electrical insulation
  • bakelite canvas
  • sheets of bakelite cloth

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