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We design and manufacture successful bakery The baker’s department is perhaps the centerpiece of any store. Often, entering a store just for bread, a customer fleetingly grabs at least a few more goods. A properly designed bakery department stimulates sales not only of its assortment, but of the entire store. A professionally designed showcase in the best possible way demonstrates the freshness and attractiveness of baked goods, imagining the subsequent pleasure of its smell and taste. Correct lighting, rational methods of product bookmarking, storage, safe and hygienic interaction with the customer - these are small, but far from complete tasks of the correct retail equipment of the baker’s department. ZOKKO offers shop fittings for bakery products for both traditional stores and self-service establishments, including multi-tiered islands with the ability to accommodate a large assortment of pastries compact wall racks for bread, which are ideal for shops with a small area

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