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СУРА-ГМ Glazing Machine


It is designed for high-quality and uniform coating of various confectionery products with various types of glaze: chocolate fat sugar syrup, etc Due to the tank heating jacket and a mixing device, the glaze is heated to the operating temperature. The glaze is pumped into the glazing tank, and then the tank slide gates are opened and adjusted to obtain a straight, steady stream. The products to be glazed are placed on the feed conveyor and the conveyor is powered up. The products are transported on the large conveyor to the glazing area and then to the blowing area to remove excess glaze from the top. The bottom of the product is smoothed with the special rollers and then the products are transported to the cooling area. The glazing machine can be equipped with a decorator. Products can be glazed separately from the top, bottom or all sides. The machines for glazing with sugar syrup are manufactured considering some modifications necessary to operate the fast-hardening products.

Confectionery - machinery and equipment
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