In terms of structure and design, our pivot doors are comparable to the DOOR WINGS listed in the Revolving Door mechanisms. The balance door (also called a pivot door or swing door) has its hinge point in the middle instead of on one side. Balance doors come in three designs: manually operated, fully automatic with a mechanism above the balance door, fully automatic with a mechanism in a motor underneath the balance door or fully automatic with a mechanism against the basement roof below. Benefits of a Pivot Door The wind pressure from outside as well as the pressure from the building below are evenly distributed in the balance door, as one side of the door is pulled by the pressure of the building below and the other is pushed by the pressure from outside. These cancel each other out, making for a very good closure, with equal power. When opening the door, people entering the building will not have the pressure from outside making the balance door hard to open, because of the...


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