Waste Baler: Plastic, Big Bags, Cardboard, Paper, Food Bricks, Textile, Tires, Herbs, Styrofoam and Polyurethane Foam ♦ Automatic ejection. ♦ Wide range according to your space, your means of handling and your budget. ♦ Sustainability / price ratio, among the highest on the market. ♦ Cost of use among the lowest in the market. ♦ Possibility of custom manufacturing.

Compactors and crushers
  • Plastic, cardboard, paper
  • Food waste
  • textile waste

Product features

Model name Technical characteristics
NPV HD 40 Hydraulic compaction power: 4T / Average weight of a bale (depending on materials): 30-80 kg
NPV HD 60 Hydraulic compaction power: 6T / Average weight of a bale (depending on materials): 40-100 kg
NPV HD 100 Hydraulic compaction power: 10T / Average weight of a bale (depending on materials): 60-150 kg
NPV HD 200 Puissance hydraulique de compactage: 20T / Poids moyen d’une balle (selon matériaux): 140-420 kg
NPV XL Hydraulic compaction power: 50T / Average weight of a bale (according to materials): 170-500 kg

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