The MEGA-TEX baler is a press specifically designed for the waste of the textile industry and the thrift shop Use: used clothes (thrift), towels, pillows, quilt, carpets, worn shoes, rags, textile fibers, yarns and other waste and textile scraps. Specificities: optimum yield and density, plus the lowest operating costs on the market. It is the ideal choice for any industrial textile, sorter and recycler of used clothing, used clothing store, merchant-exporter of clothes and rags - Extra large baler for textile waste and second-hand clothes. - Ligaturing on 6 sides.

Compactors and crushers
  • textile waste
  • Thrift baler
  • textile baler

Product features

Hydraulic power 500 KN
Cycle time of the plateau cylinder 84 s
Dimensions of the finished bale 1000 x 1000 x 700 mm
Machine weight (kg) 3100 kg
Number of ligatures 7 + 2
Possible types of ligatures Ropes - strings - wires - steel wires - flat textile bands
Bale yield per hour 3 - 5 balls / hour
Weight of the bale (according to material) (kg) 350 - 550 kg


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